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Shaye Carter Santa Cruz, CA
“After growing up with the game, I had strayed away for many years. I made a decision to devote some time and effort to become a better golfer, so I reached out to Isaac. I could not be happier in my choice. His way of teaching really resonated with me as he could always find some common ground between us to explain his reasoning. His ability to explain the “why” in the process, and not just expect me to mirror certain moves blindly, allows me to better transfer what I learned from the lesson, into my practicing and playing on my own. An extra bonus that Isaac offered, which was especially helpful for me, was a Golf fitness assessment. After doing this, he gave me instruction on how I can improve those physical parts and make it easier on my swing. The bottom line is Isaac knows his stuff and he is the one stop shop if you are serious about taking your game to the next level! “
Mitch Nanoose Bay BC, Canada

‘I’m having more fun with golf in the last five years because of the lessons we’ve had with Isaac.”

Janice Santa Cruz, CA

“It was an awesome lesson for me.  I have never had a one-on-one on the course before — just group lessons.  I learned so much and feel much more confident about my golf.  You made me so comfortable playing with you, too.  Looking forward to my Tuesday lesson.

Nancy Townsend Victoria, BC, Canada
“Six weeks of lessons with Isaac allowed me to actually enjoy playing golf with my husband and son.  I had only golfed a few times many years ago so I really appreciated Isaac’s approach of not only learning the finesse of the game but also the mental aspect of the game of golf.  Each week the 1 and a 1/2 hours flew by and each week I added new ideas/techniques to my golf “toolbox”.
Thank you Isaac for giving me not only the confidence to play out on the course but also a new found love of the game.”