Isaac Weintraub - portraitHead Coach Isaac Weintraub has played and taught golf for 25 years and has worked at some of the world’s top golf courses in the world including Augusta National Golf Club, Los Angeles Country Club and Pasatiempo Golf Club.  He believes that good coaching starts with his own experience playing the game. Isaac played professional golf on multiple international tours for 10 years and continues to work on his game almost daily. Isaac’s love for the game and its ability to allow us to learn about ourselves through being more present to our body and the language we use has become a practice that supports him through life.

By supporting his students to pay attention to their bodies during the less than two-seconds it takes to swing a club, they come away from a lesson with a sense of ownership of their swing and golf game. Isaac believes the best way to improve is to simply pay attention, be creative and follow the fascination of learning about ourselves through golf.  Isaac’s mission to coach his students fall in love with their golf swing and themselves through this wonderful game.